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No.328,Chang Yuan Road,Yuyao City,Ningbo, China Post code:  315400

TEL:86-13957812866    86-574-66342585


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Integrated Manufacturing

We have built a reputation for being a reliable integrated manufacturing services company over the years.Currently,we maninly manufacture,assemble and supply electronic tuner components fortelecommunication,Auto industiy,power,equipment and Security.With our capabilities in design,tool and die fabrication,precision metal stamping,plastic injection molding,precision die-casting,assembly,electroplating and precision auto-lathe,we are in a position to comprehensively meet our customers' needs for metal parts and plastic components.In addition,we are able to better manage our production process,product quality and delivery schedules and enhance our responsiveness to our customers' production needs.As a result,our customers will enjoy shorter turnaround time and lower manufacturing costs.




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